Energy Body Work Services

For balancing your energy, raising your vibe while you relax, rejuvenate, release tension and stress

through your mind, body, spirit, and hair

These Practices are Inter-Spiritual tools merging from different cultures over the ages. Whatever your religious beliefs or spiritual practices are you can experience these higher vibrational modalities to open and awaken you to higher levels of consciousness and well being while expanding the relationship between you and your GOD all that is to you. Enhancing your life experience, the environment of your world, and the people, places, and things around you. In stepping through the Emerald door into the Emerald Lotus you open the door of your heart, becoming a deliberate co creator with your God. You are stepping into your power, passion, and purpose when you begin to transform the human physical nature and your spiritual nature begins to shift nice and gently, becoming whole and one with all that is. Peace naturally flows and a strong sense of freedom emerges, life begins to dance graciously with you.

Sacred Sound Immerisom Singing Bowls 

1 hour sound therapy $85.00

Sound Vibrational Attunement Therapy is an ancient Tibetan meditation tool. Producing pure tones that align with brain waves thus moving the person into a beautiful meditative state.

This a beautiful and powerful way to use sound to clean ones energy field, releasing blocks and stuck energy within the physical body. It brings all the four body systems back to alignment as well.

The exquisite sound is created by hand hammered bowls created by Tibetan Master Manna Sharman and his family and are imported from India and made of the purest of metals. Following my spirit calling to learn the singing bowls I was led to study under Mana Sharman and Elaine Mekel, of which I have become certified in the ancient practice of sound therapy.

As my spirit connects to your essence I play them in sequences led by spirit. As you lay down or sit in a chair, the bowls can be placed on the body but not required to receive benefits, you may also sit in a chair or place your feet in a beautiful bowl, the feet do a lot of work in supporting the body.

Between the magic of sound and the continuum of vibration the receiver transcends to another place. Sound fills the body silencing the mind and allowing the body to reconnect to its own inherent rhythm. When the bowls are in contact with the body, they vibrate creating a sweet massage-like effect thru the body, vibrating the cells, to dance, clean and release.

It is truly an honor and a pleasure to have the support of Master Sharman and Elaine Mekel.

Crystalline Intuitive Energy Work

1 .5 Hour body lay out $150.00
Crystalline workshops available

For over 20 years I have been blessed to be a keeper of many crystals, and a crystalline energy worker. Wow what to say about crystals, and crystalline energy work! My Heart My Passion My love Crystals are ALIVE.

This modality is magnificent and so special. Since ancient times from biblical and beyond crystals have always been used as talismans of protection for the wearer, as keepers of scared knowledge. Crystals have been used on altars for holding pure energy for prayer and manifestation. Crystals have been and are being used in conjunction with many other Inter-spiritual Energy Transformation Modalities. Crystals are also used to grid spaces, such as homes, offices, and cars. Anchoring more pure life force energy into the space, subtly shifting the person or persons energy in the space. In my own work crystals have assisted me in crossing over trapped spirits, sending them into the light. Closing energy vortexes of lower vibrational frequencies and opening up new vortexes of pure God Gaia light and higher spiritual energy. In ones environment crystals will keep the energetic atmosphere crisp and clear thus creating a special harmonious environment.
Crystals are a reflection of mother earth, father god heart, in my opinion they are unconditional worker bees. Used with intention and purpose they will work even more to assist the user staying in alignment. Encouraging healing and well being. Great to connect to spirit and all that is.
Crystals have the power to enhance water molecules, and because we are made of water they assist our bodies electrical system, Chakra system, in training one to higher forms of light energy, thus bringing the four body systems into massive alignment.

*Inter-spiritual energy modalities are not intended to treat or make diagnosis, in lieu of seeking medical attention where needed.


45 min session 85.00 1.5 hour Reiki Session $150.00
All Reiki and Intuitive healing Circles are 25.00*

Certified Teacher / Master Practitioners Carla and Kate use the ancient art of laying on of hands to help facilitate the flow of universal life force energy into the body of the receiver. We as Teacher / Master Practitioners are able to hold great amounts of energetic space thus becoming a clear vessel (channel) and allowing divine universal life force to pass thru us into the receivers. As this occurs, the receivers body, mind, and spirit will entrain or raise to match the Divine universal life for energy (ULFE) allowing the self to realign, rebalance, and bring comfort to the body, mind, and heart. The receiver becomes their own healer in the way that the spirit sees fit for their greatest and highest good. Kate and I are the energy facilitators, the channels, the conduits here to assist you to shift their state of wellbeing at a lighter greater levels, clearing and releasing that which does not serve, while bringing the self back into a balanced and centered state and connecting to god and all that is.

*Sign up is a must! If you commit please be sure to attend or notify me in advance so someone else may be blessed.

 Meditation, Chanting, Prayer, Affirmation, and Incantations

Meditation group by donation only, give what feels prosperous from your healing.

These are outstanding tools which are very necessary in daily practice and are a great way to start the day consciously setting intentions and co-creating your experiences while helping you to maintain thru out the day a nice level of clarity, balance and harmony. From moment to moment your day will flow peacefully along with aiding you in holding your power in a clear and a direct way.
Ending the day with Meditation, Chanting, Prayer, Affirmation, and Incantations is also a beautiful way to relax the body, mind, and spirit before bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep thus allowing the body to do it reparative work. Also, a neat gift you give to you is the ability to stay in a continuum of flow, thus increasing you manifestation, drawing to you that which you want.

* Disclamer God / Gaia know only “Yes”. and our words, thoughts and feelings have power. So if your focused and fall into negative thoughts, words and emotions(feelings) you will draw more of what you don’t want into your experience.

During your hair service you can explore meditation and acquire short simple tools to bring you back to center. This add-on service is free for those interested in tips or being walked thru a guided meditation while receiving your hair services. This service is a complimentary gift.