…out of a passion for people and a passion to utilize our gifts to help humanity. Emerging from love with a strong purpose and intention to meet your needs where ever you are on your journey. From just starting on your path of awakening, to being a spiritual advisor, energy worker, coach, health care provider or just being human.

Born not only to serve, give and provide a look that looks great on the outside, but to also give a truly radiant energy from the inside out.

The Emerald Lotus is dedicated to honoring you, always being in full support of you.

…with a consciousness, to transform your heart, body, mind, spirit (soul), and hair by being a facilitator of raising ones vibration, balancing energy, transforming heart and mind, co-creating oneness.

A place of safety and tranquility, a place of deep inner nurturing, and healing. In a comfortable private gentle tranquil space.

Energetically gridded and anchored with crystals to assist in keeping the space at pure God Gaia frequency, clear centered, and balanced. Filled with therapeutic imported Himalayalan salt to clean the air that you take into your body, your temple.

…to bring more value to clients by giving each person the opportunity to explore and expand. So many of us find it hard to make the time to nurture self by getting a haircut, color, or massage because time is of the essence and we have so many tasks that consume us.

Yet along the way so many want to experience inter-spiritual transformational modalities that support us in our daily life, it just seems to become another task at hand further creating overload. We often find ourselves saying one day I’ll have the time. I’ll make time never seems to happen. Until one day we hit a brick wall and it then becomes a must!